Tech Firms Hiring Workers Across Africa


​In the five years since its founding, Andela, a U.S.-based company that assembles engineering teams for startups and tech giants around the world, has built a workforce of 1,800, almost all located in Africa. The company represents a growing focus on Africa among global tech firms, including Microsoft and Google, that are looking to train software developers and build tech workforces and consumer markets on the continent.

Andela’s 1,300 software developers, largely working from their home cities in Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Rwanda and Uganda, serve clients in 13 countries, the majority in the United States, said Nairobi, Kenya-based Wambui Kinya, Andela’s vice president of partner engineering.

Andela, she said, has identified “great skill in Africa”…


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Credit to Dinah Wisenberg Brin for the original post.

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