Mind the Pay Gap that Exists for People with Disabilities

​It  is easy to assume that in the United Kingdom (U.K.) in 2020 a physical or mental disability will not determine your salary.

However, figures from the Office of National Statistics have shown that the employment landscape in the U.K. is far from inclusive. The pay gap for workers with disabilities is at a shocking 12.2 percent, with average pay at 10.63 pounds (approximately $13.94) per hour, in comparison with 12.11 pounds (approximately $15.88) for nondisabled employees. The largest pay gap is by those with a mental impairment—such as depression, anxiety or mental illness—at 18.6 percent.

Approximately a quarter of the difference can be attributed to qualifications or choice of occupation. This leaves three-quarters of the pay gap to be…

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Credit to Ryan Bradshaw and Claire Powell © Leigh Day for the original post.

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