Mexico’s Overhaul of Federal Labor Laws: Updates, Timelines for Employers


​Substantially overhauling its labor law, Mexico has enacted legislation that prohibits employer interference with workers’ rights, protects employees’ right to join or not join a union, and requires unions to secure employee support. In order to implement these changes, Mexico must create new courts, a new federal agency and even more regulations in a short time. (For details of the legislation, see Revamp of Mexico’s Federal Labor Laws: What U.S. Employers Need to Know.)

For at least 50 years, a company in Mexico could recognize a union and sign a contract with the union without any input or approval from workers. These agreements, referred to as “Protection Agreements,” often set employer-friendly contract terms before the company even hires…


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Credit to Philip B. Rosen, Jonathan J. Spitz and James P. Verdi © Jackson Lewis for the original post.

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