How to Write a Chronological Resume (Plus Example!)


If you don’t organize your resume properly, it’s all too easy for it to look like a bunch of mumbo jumbo. And when all those words and numbers blend together into a big mess, you make it that much harder for a recruiter or hiring manager to see the point in bringing you in for an interview.

That’s where the chronological resume format comes in.

What Is a Chronological Resume?

You know what a resume is, right? A one-pager documenting your work experience, education, skills, and extracurriculars that paints a nice clear picture of what makes you a valuable employee or hire?

Well, a chronological resume does that by listing your work and other experiences in reverse chronological order, meaning your most recent jobs are at the top of your…


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Credit to Alyse Kalish for the original post.

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