Fixing the Relationship Between Tech Recruiters and Developers


The relationship between recruiters and developers is a rocky one.

In 2013 Joel Spolsky, the CEO of Stack Overflow, famously exploded Twitter asking a simple question: “Programmers: what things do recruiters do that drive you crazy?”

The 350 answers he got varied in details but ultimately focused on the fact that recruiters don’t understand programmers.

The reason? Developers and recruiters are very different.

Recruiters typically like people, enjoy phone conversations, and thrive on ambiguity. Developers on the other hand, typically hate the telephone and enjoy coding because computers respond predictably, unlike people.  

According to Spolsky, if you’re a great recruiter, you’d make a bad programmer, and the other way around….


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Credit to Jakub Kubrynski for the original post.

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