Dropbox’s Brand Strategist Explains How to Find Your Company’s “Edge” and Attract the Right People


When Eddie Ibarra first started as Dropbox’s global brand strategist, he was told that the company — and its employer brand — had an awareness problem. Top talent, it was explained to him, simply didn’t know that the company was a great place to work and it was a struggle to find the right candidates in the hyper competitive tech world.

“But the truth is,” he says, “I could spend $1 million in media, increase awareness 500%, and it won’t solve a damn thing. Sure, we would probably see a surge in applications, but at what cost? At what strain on our recruiters and our interviewers?”

Eddie couldn’t believe that awareness was Dropbox’s big, overarching problem. So he decided to dig deeper, because for him, anyone planning an…


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