CandE Symposium and Awards Gala Company Award Winners

Congratulations to the customers from Jobvite, Talemetry, and RolePoint who were recognized for their exceptional candidate experiences.

Last week, Talent Board hosted the 2019 North American CandE Symposium and Awards Gala in Washington D.C. Talent Board is the first non-profit research organization focused on the promotion of quality candidate experience. At the event this year, they honored 65 winners of the 2019 North American CandE Awards program. According to the Talent Board website, over 195,000 job candidates were judged based on:

  1. The candidates’ overall ranking of their candidate experience
  2. Whether or not they would reapply to the organization in the future
  3. Whether or not they would refer other job seekers to the organization in the future
  4. And how the candidates would change their business relationship status with the organization going forward based…

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