Accepting Autism

Photo (above): Jeremy Duggan, one of many workers with autism at Spectrum Designs, sets up the screen printing press.

Photograph courtesy of Spectrum Designs.

​Stella Spanakos was looking for a place where her autistic son, Nicholas, could learn life and vocational skills after he completed high school. She became distraught over the limited choices.

“They were garbage,” she recalls. “There was no stimulation, no socialization.”

Spanakos called a friend who also has a son with autism, as well as Nicholas’ former camp counselor. The trio launched Spectrum Designs out of Spanakos’ garage. Nine years later, the Port Washington, N.Y.-based company has 40 workers, with a little more than half of them on the autism spectrum,…

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Credit to Theresa Agovino for the original post.

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