5 Ways to Upgrade Your Job Ads

Prepping a job ad for circulation is no small task; it’s a complex marketing project. Your ad needs to be strategically positioned to turn job seekers’ heads with cool, compelling details about the role, company and culture. Standing out in a competitive job market takes savvy and style — that’s why we created our latest eBook, 9 Things Every Job Ad Should Have. Read on below for a preview, and check out the full version for more helpful tips!

1. Optimise Your Job Title

The job title is not the place to get creative. Resist the urge to use titles that have no real market value; likewise, refrain from truncating or abbreviating words within the title. As you know, many HR teams and recruiting firms use an ATS (applicant tracking system). While you may be the one writing the job ad, you may not be doing the backend work of sifting through the resumes that…

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