5 Things to Anticipate from Jobvite in 2020

Yes, we’ve gift-wrapped a 2020 Prep Kit for you just in time for the holiday (and budget) season. And, sure, we’ve delivered a 2020 Planning Guide you can use well into the new year. But while we love to nerd out about research and reports, this time of year is about digging deeper and getting a little bit more personal.

We wanted to give you a sneak peek into what the leaders and makers of Jobvite are personally excited about in their worlds of marketing, data, revenue, sales, and customer success.

So read on to get the real scoop on how Jobvite will help leaders like you work faster, go deeper, and convert more in 2020 from the people who work on our platform every day.

1. We’re pumped about a richer view into data and the candidate journey.

“The most exciting investment we are making for our customers in 2020 is a complete re-write of our reporting and analytics….

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