10 Priorities for 2020 for India’s CHROs

​As the new year takes off, chiefs of HR across India are gearing up for the journey toward digitalization. They will be looking at which technologies will help make their people processes easier, more effective and convenient to use.

Here we share the 10 priorities for CHROs in India this year:

1. Harnessing Data to Supercharge the Employee Experience

CHROs have long been working toward enhancing their employees’ experiences, and this year some plan to use data to do that better.

At media and entertainment company Sony Pictures Networks India, CHRO Manu Wadhwa’s target is to create “extraordinary UX” for employees.

” ‘Extraordinary UX’ is a superlative experience through data and insights,” said Wadhwa, who is based in Mumbai. This year, the…

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Credit to Shefali Anand for the original post.

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